“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.
Arthur C. Clarke

Teckell is uniquely Italian. A design firm with a captivating story that unfolds in five chapters: Design Technology, Exquisite Materials, Product Collections, Artisanal Experience and Core Values. Discover how Teckell perfectly combines high technology, avant-garde design and renowned Italian craftsmanship. A fascinating page-turner – better yet, page-swiper – that takes you inside the world of modern design and age-old traditions.



“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”
Frank Capra, director

Always avant-garde, experimenting, surprising. This are the pillars supporting Teckell founder Gianfranco Barban’s innovative research. “We are not interested in being conventional. The object has to be altered in light of our intuition, not the opposite. Research and development should be continual; ideas for product improvements often come from diverse worlds and mind-sets. This is why I am always searching for collaborators who share my open-mindedness.”


Inspiration is always in the air, even in a billowing windsurfing sail on a gusty Sunday morning on Lake Maggiore. In fact, the scene sparked the creative genius of Teckell and designer Marc Sadler, whose work has been displayed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. They’ve revolutionized the T1 pool table’s traditional cloth, drawing inspiration from windsurfing sails that remain taut due to rigid poles inserted in pocket-like slots on the sail.


What do one of Teckell’s Takto clocks and a Maserati have in common? The heart. In fact, a Maserati’s engine and the inner workings of many Takto clocks are enhanced with a diamond-like coating, or DLC. This innovative, carbon-based coating significantly reduces friction, guaranteeing maximum performance.


Teckell has created “Underground,” a limited-edition foosball table, for the Maison & Objet design fair in Miami. The Italian street artist VAPS collaborated on the cutting-edge project. The Contropiede model’s legs were painted a shocking yellow. Then VAPS, armed with a special black varnish, began working his magic. Freehand, of course. And with Teckell’s complete admiration. Because coloring not just outside the lines but without lines is true Teckell style.


Pure and innocent, fragile and delicate, a dazzling, fleeting beauty. The windflower’s magic inspired René Lalique in 1931 when he created his first crystal flower. In the new Takto pendulum clock, the Anemone’s ephemeral beauty becomes as firmly established as the passing of time. Teckell’s intuition and engineering expertise combine with the craftsmanship of Lalique’s master glassworkers to create a exquisite timepiece, an elegant design object with a fairy-tale aura. Every Anemone is an authentic masterpiece in miniature. Just as 80 years ago, the handcrafted wonder blooms from crystal with not a single detail overlooked.


Teckell doesn’t play around with its table surfaces. Only Simonis® 860, the finest bar none, made of worsted wool and available in 28 different colors. Each more spectacular than the next. All you need to do is select the perfect color to match the setting. And if you get tired of a particular shade, change it. The surfaces are removable, thanks to Teckell’s patented plug-and-play system.



The wood used in the Teckell collection isn’t your ordinary wood. It comes from trees that have grown slowly in the damp forests surrounding the Barban family’s carpentry workshop. Only when ready, the old-growth wood is lovingly treated and carved in the same workshop. In fact, Gianfranco Barban's family background helped sculpt and continually inspires his professional journey: “In essence, I was born in this carpentry workshop. I loved spending time there and in the forest just outside our door.”


Few would imagine that a miniscule grain of sand, tumbling in the ocean waves, could become a luminous work of art. Yet magic happens. Teckell’s crystal materializes from this wondrous blend of the most modern technology and the age-old craftsmanship of master glassworkers. Delicate beauty yet remarkable strength are in perfect harmony. Light and shapes come together to give life once again to unique products.


Marble, an eternally beautiful material. Teckell has chosen this rock to add grandeur to certain extraordinary design pieces, transforming them into true works of art. Italy’s finest Renaissance artists created with this marvelous material. History, art and hard work run relentlessly through the marble’s delicate veins. Forever fascinating.


Bathed in light, gold glimmers even more, its timeless beauty magnified. Unequaled. Just as the Takto’s collection Vivace clock, glorious with its 24K-gold-plated gears on view, or the Biliardo T2 Custom, a pool table with side walls that evoke the rippling ocean.


The sparkling, luminescent diamond is transformed into shiny black. It’s DLC, short for diamond-like carbon. A coating with infinite uses and features that was created to reduce friction and abrasion’s wear and tear. Suffice it to say when applied in its purest form, the lifespan of a mechanism increases from one week to 85 years. Teckell selected DLC coating as the finish for its Takto pendulum clocks and other timepieces. DLC is also used in Formula 1 racing, on the NASCAR circuit and by cutting-edge automobile manufacturers, such as Maserati. The material is even playing an important role in avant-garde medical applications.



“Design without limits and jump at new challenges: everything can be designed differently and better.”
Adriano Design

Life is a game. True champions play with style and elegance, emotion and passion. Teckell celebrates this way of life with its foosball table line, in particular Cristallino. Simply style and soul in pure crystal. Cristallino is created using cutting-edge technology and the skilled hands of Italian artisans who perfect every detail for an unique and exclusive work of art.


The swoosh of the ball as it swiftly rolls across a taut pool table surface. Clack. A clean, clear sound. The sublime soundtrack of Teckell’s T1 pool table. Made entirely of crystal, it’s now available with interchangeable side walls. The legs are glass plates with beveled edges on both sides that ensure the table is stable; the base is made of solid wood with carved grooves for securing the glass and hiding the perfect regulation system.


Time becomes emotion with the Adagio floor clock. A pure crystal case is secured by a Carrara marble base and top. Inside, the clock’s precious inner workings are well-protected and seem to be floating in space. Experience the age-old sense of satisfaction of manually adjusting the clock, as if time is in your hands.


A modern, minimalist foosball table with a sleek, lightweight wooden frame that keeps the game rolling until the very end. Sporty at its core, the table is made of canaletto walnut, a prized wood utilized in the elegant interiors of luxury yachts.


The sublimely minimalistic crystal shell lets you gaze upon the elegant, smoked crystal structure. This is the perfect backdrop for the 24k-gold-plated mechanism, the clock's sparkling touch. The sheet of transparent crystal protects the timepiece's excellent mechanism. The crystal is just 12 mm thick, permitting a clear view of the clock's inner workings and the contrasting colors. A highly sophisticated design object that will catch everyone's eye. The room's stylish star and the official time keeper.



“We never stop improving our products, and thanks to our collaborators, we are continually discovering new ideas and solutions,” Gianfranco Barban said. Trust is the tie that binds innovative Teckell and its master craftsmen, a creative force capable of the extraordinary. These are not merely business contacts but long-term relationships that have become friendships based on mutual respect.


The master clockmakers who create Teckell’s Takto clocks are not only skilled artisans. They’re also mad geniuses. “What we were doing seemed insane, but the final results were astonishing,” said Luigi, a master clockmaker. “A Takto timepiece is so precise that it will lose or add only one second per week, compared to six or seven every day for a highly accurate wristwatch.”


For Gianfranco Barban, nature is an endless source of inspiration: “I will occasionally ask myself how nature would have designed the objects that surround us. Would they have been created in a solid color or with a ruler and t-square? Definitely not.” Such daydreaming resulted in Surface, a project created in Gianfranco’s experimental workshop B.Lab. This revolutionary method infuses liquid colour under the surface of objects, seeking to reproduce nature’s nuanced palette.


“Research in diverse fields uncovers new aspects,” Teckell CEO Gianfranco Barban said. “For example, if I create a chair with a musician, the product will have a spirit and a style completely different than a chair created with a traditional designer”. Teckell always aims to present something exceptional, innovative, different than the status quo. This isn’t simply designing but combining: research, passion, ideas and a fusion of inspirations.


Made by Master Craftsman.

Craftsman create every Teckell piece with their rough and often wrinkled hands, living proof of their expertise. These hands, when they were still smooth, were taught the art by a master craftsman who, in his day, had learned from another master craftsman. Generations who cut crystal, carve wood and mill metal to create the one-of-a-kind pieces in the Teckell collection.



Made in Italy is a philosophy rooted in quality, craftsmanship and infinite creativity. Now we look toward the north, near Italy’s border with Switzerland and not far from the international city of Milan. In fact, northern Italy’s eternal beauty is a constant source of inspiration for Teckell: the dramatic mountains framed by the cobalt blue sky; the lakes, still and reflective or choppy and vibrant; the lush countryside that embraces and embellishes the small towns in Milan’s outskirts. The forests’ chilly, crisp air blends with the aromas of an espresso and aftershave. This is how an ordinary day begins for an Italian master craftsman and Teckell’s new projects come to life.


Excellence arises from a limitless, burning desire to do things well. All-nighters and Sunday afternoons are spent at work, yet the exhaustion evaporates as soon as one lays eyes on a perfect Teckell product.


Niente ha più valore per Teckell che regalare un sorriso, soprattutto se a sorridere sono gli occhi di un bambino. Infatti, per Teckell, la filantropia è alla base della filosofia aziendale. Per questo ha partecipato a eventi come il Gala benefico ‘Per il sorriso di un bambino’ o la preziosa raccolta fondi per il Cesvi.


Gianfranco Barban has always been curious, testifies his brother Giuliano with a knowing smile: “Since he was little, he’s been obsessed with knowing what was inside objects. That’s why no one would ever give him a toy. He’d immediately crack it open.” This spirit lives on at Teckell. The inquisitive minds want to know more, look beyond the surface, respect yet reinterpret tradition. Whether they're revolutionizing games like foosball and pool or revealing the sleek, modern side of the age-old pendulum clock.


Teckell faces the perennial challenge of creating phenomenal products that also reflect the latest trends. Products that simultaneously exemplify minimaldesign, blend in well in a contemporary-classic setting and look perfect in an home with an exclusive style. Fine yet definite lines, extraordinary details and finishes set Teckell apart. Such as the pool tables’ gold-plated side walls and interchangeable playing surfaces. And the foosball tables’ handles and foosmen in precious finishes. Plus the Takto pendulum clocks’ impeccable gears.


La filosofia di Teckell si basa sulla volontà di fare ogni giorno meglio di quanto fatto nel precedente. Una filosofia di vita e lavoro che porta alla continua ricerca di nuovi materiali, di esperienze tattili e visive, alla riscoperta della più autentica armonia delle forme. La stessa armonia che ritrovare nelle linee leggere del telaio di 90° Minuto, in legno massello, della collezione Teckell Calcio Balilla.

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